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Guild Chatbox
Pioneer ¦ The First Steps onto Chaos

Guild Chat Box
Zora: You guys can chat here for now. Change the - to = and PIE to s w f.

A quick thank you to Zora for making the guild chat box. Feel free to ask questions, bond, or chat with members and other people in the chat box above.

[Guild Sleepwood Thread]
[More Information about Chaos]

• Chaos is a patch that will come on June 29th 2011 for gMS. The patch includes a new world, which is rumored to be called "Nova". In every new world, you will be able to receive a 18 stated hat at level 70. With Chaos, there is rumored to have skill books (for free) for jobs such as: Evan, Aran, and Dualbladers. Chaos includes many important updates to those jobs above. Click on the above link for more information.


Guild Introduction
Guild Emblem

Upon making my return to Maple, I've decided to wait until a new world comes out.

Pioneer is a guild that will be made at the very beginning of the Chaos patch. The guild will be made in the new world, and our members will be the "pioneers" of the new world. We will be the ones to take the first steps onto a new land! The thing that sets our guild apart from others is that we are not at all about trying to boss. The guild is made just for our members to be able to ask questions, make friends, train together, and have a small market of members to sell items to; only hopefully bossing when our members are ready.

Self Introduction
Hello, I am Kevin. My main is Aider and I have been a Mapler for over 4 years. I achieved level 200 back in January of 2009, I believe. I have quit MapleStory for quite some time now; however, in Chaos, I am making my return to MapleStory. I have made many contributions to Basil, such as guides, suggestions, etc. I will be the master of Pioneer, and I am very excited to meet all of you.


As a new guild, we do not believe in any requirements.

Though there is no requirements, I would prefer most of my members to be at least over 16. Due to the new world, I would also prefer that potential members not make Cygnus Knights until later on. However, this is just my preference and does not have authority to stop you from applying. Feel free to apply.

The Rules

As a member of Pioneer, you fully (100%) agree to the main rule: (You will find more rules later on in the BBS)

• Follow Nexon's Terms of Service/User Abuse Policy (Official Site) at all times, which implies staying legit.

My idea of legit is to:
• Not use any programs unauthorized by Nexon or that violate the ToS
• Not leech experience (and mesos or items) from a party that may be suspected of hacking
• Not take advantage of any exploits in the game

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What types of members are you looking for?
• I am looking for members who are able to level and stay active moderately. I also would like if my members were in the PST or EST time zones, which this is where most of the members will be under. Try to show a good trait in yourself (honesty, kindness, talkativeness, etc.) in your application under "Why should we accept you?". Also, I am a grammar nazi. I don't expect perfect grammar; however, I do expect that you type neatly but at least in a coherent fashion. Use this to fix your application before you submit it.

You ignored my application, does that mean I am rejected?
• Sometimes, I do miss some applications due to the amount that is posted in the thread. I do frequently review the applications to see if there are any I missed. However, if it has been over 3 days and you have not been posted onto the "Accepted Members List", there is a high chance that you were rejected. If your application was rejected (or received no reply), you can reapply for Pioneer 7 days later.

How do I become a Jr. Master?
• I am not making anyone Jr. Master (besides my close friend who will co-own the guild) until a good amount of time later. Do not expect to become Jr. Master unless you contribute well to the guild, prove your loyalty, and gain my trust. However, once you do gain my trust and prove your loyalty to the guild, you will be ranked onto Jr. Master without notice. If you ask for the Jr.Master position, whatsoever, you will be expelled on the spot without warning.

Why do I have to apply for the guild?
• I never actually intended on making people apply for Pioneer. However, there was many people who wanted to join, though I am not able to accept all of them. Making people do applications helps me narrow down the best applicants that I feel would make Pioneer stay on tip-top shape.

Do you want to alliance with my guild?
• As of now, I have no plans for alliance. I am already limiting my guild to a certain amount of people at the beginning, and I would like to keep it at a minimum for the first or so week. I do plan to alliance about 3 weeks into the server, as that is when I have an idea of what guilds are loyal, alive, and do not cause drama.

Feel free to ask me more questions through PM.

Accepted Members

I kindly asked Zora to remove all comments from this thread. I looked through the thread and I now only accepted a smaller number of people to be able to join Pioneer. If you did not get accepted (back), you are able to now reapply for the guild in this thread again. However, I will not be able to release the new approved applicants until next week. I want to be able to see all applications before I decide.

Also, congratulations to the 15 (14, excluding me) that were accepted! You do not have to redo an application. I am looking forward to meet all of you when the new world comes out.

Below is a list of members whose applications were accepted. If your application was not accepted, you may not apply again until 7 days has passed since you submitted the first one.

(If you decided on a new job, or a change in IGN: please PM me your new changes)

List of Accepted Members
1. Aider | Natare : Fire/Poison Mage
2. Darken | Toqse : Mechanic
3. Impulse | Novahoe : Dark Knight
4. Aerostyli | Anojinxi : Bowmaster
5. ThatMerchGuy | NovaScotia : Nightlord
6. llamaham | Sprunq : Paladin
7. jkl93211 | Duboir : Bowmaster
8. BoredToday | Derpie : Dark Knight
9. Petizh | NovaPetizh : TBA
10. Zora | Vanques : Mechanic
11. FatMano | DependentIy : TBA
12. iSpiffster | Symphonic : Paladin
13. teenagedream | Novalike : Evan
14. Bluejax | 1Pioneer : Paladin
15. Feeling | TBA : Ice/Lightning Mage
16. Stutter | Euyo : Dualblader
17. ih34l4u | DamBandwagon : Marksmen
18. TimeWarp | Loapy : Shadower
19. CoIorIess | MARRlED : Bishop
20. Amvoir | TBA : TBA
21. wist | Winterbone : Dualblader
22. Kuraitou | TBA : Dark Knight
23. ph33rm3pl0x | TBA : TBA
24. FrostSpirit | FrostSpirit : Fire/Posion Mage
25. Amped | TBA : Dark Knight
- - - - -
26. Peregrin | Ceyko : Dark Knight

Though there may only be 30 spots, if all 30 spots are filled, and someone posts a fantastic application. I will make an exception and add them maximize it to 31. Remember to try hard on your applications!

What is a "Waiting List"? (For those who do not get chosen for the 30 beginning slots)
A waiting list still means that you will be part of the guild, just at a later time. When the guild will first be made, it will be extended right away to 25 or 30 slots to fit all the "Accepted List". The guild will stay at 30 slots so that the current members are not overwhelmed with such a drastic/dramatic big guild so soon. The guild will stay small at first to allow members to bond together as a small, closed guild. However, over time, the guild will expand slowly and the members from the "Waiting List" will be allowed to join. The waiting list will only be on wait for about 1 week or 1 week and a half. Also, if someone from the "30" decides not to join the guild or join the world, someone from the waiting list will be able to take that spot.

Below is the waiting list. People from the waiting list will be able to join when Pioneer expands our slots and offers someone from the waiting list a spot to join or someone from the official acceptance list does not join the new world.

Waiting List
- - - - -


Fill out the application with everything that you plan on making in the new world.

In-Game Name:
Fluent Language(s):
Time zone (or state/country):
Details/Talents/Abilities (What makes you stand out?):

Please fill out the application and post it in this thread only. If your application is accepted, your In-Game Name will be added to the list above.
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